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How many horsepower does a racing exhaust earn?

We want to clarify that one of our approved exhaust systems can be transformed practically as a racing terminal by extracting the db killer (removable from the outside), therefore an exhaust on average has a gain of about 2/5 horsepower at low revs and 3/6 horsepower as maximum power . The complete exhausts guarantee a higher maximum power but lose a few horsepower at low revs.
Are changes to the carburetion or ECU remapping necessary?
For most of the silencers in an approved configuration and with the db killer installed, no changes to the carburetion, replacement of the eprom or changes to the control unit are necessary, and in any case an increase in power is obtained.
Is carbon better or titanium?
The titanium terminal is light, lasts over time, resists corrosion and has excellent heat dispersion capacity. Carbon also has lightness and an aggressive look, as well as being an excellent heat sink that allows it to be used in the immediate vicinity of the fairings, under the tail and therefore increasingly adjacent to the passenger, however carbon has a predisposition to breakage given its fragility in certain situations (eg on enduro), for this reason we recommend titanium to have a long-lasting product over time.
Is it possible to replace the internal parts of the silencer?
Yes, the MSR terminal can be completely disassembled thanks to the use of rivets and therefore it is possible to quickly replace the soundproofing, the metal mesh, the silencer body, etc. (with the exception of some vintage models with internal chambers).
Is it necessary to cut the original exhaust when installing the MSR EXHAUST silencer?
In most cases the exhausts are perfectly replaceable to the originals without further modifications and we provide everything you need for assembly.
Do you have to move the arrows or the license plate holder when installing the high exhaust?
In some cases it is necessary to move the arrows and the license plate holder to replace it and in our catalog it is specified under the heading notes.
Do you produce homologated or catalyzed exhausts and what is the difference between the various homologations?
Yes, in our catalog you will find from the racing exhaust to the e3 or e9 approved or catalysed 9e5 EUR4, EUR5, EUR6 exhaust. The wording "e" accompanied by a number certifies that the product complies with the EEC directives for the intended use to which the manufacturer has dedicated it. The number, which must always be printed below, is the identification of the European state where the product was certified. All member countries of the European community certify according to the same standards and in accordance with the same laws. The MSR EXHAUST muffler is approved for all European countries and for non-EU countries such as Switzerland, it will be enough that the customer will provide us with a pre-completed form issued by the motorization of his canton and we will be able to issue the complete homologation for regular circulation in all respects.
By fitting an approved MSR EXHAUST silencer, is it possible to circulate on the road immediately and be able to carry out the overhaul of the vehicle?

The terminals and complete systems of the EEC approved line e9, 9e5 etc. are certified to be used immediately on the public road in compliance with the highway code in force in all member countries of the European community, such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, England etc. It is not necessary to carry out any kind of testing and / or verification since the purchased product has already been subjected to strict approval tests by specialized bodies. The mufflers of the EEC e9, 9e5 etc. approved line by MSR EXHAUST fully replace the original silencer and are equally suitable for carrying out the obligatory periodic overhaul.

Is the homologation book issued at the time of purchase?
The homologation booklet is issued together with the silencer or complete system homologated at the time of purchase. We remind you that you do not need to go to the engine to request a transcription in the booklet, each MSR EXHAUST exhaust is equipped with a code stamped on the exhaust itself or on a riveted plate and accompanied by a homologation booklet, on which the technical characteristics of the motorcycle for which it is written are transcribed. exhaust was built, for this reason it is absolutely in compliance with the highway code.
The homologation booklet is a single document dedicated to the purchased good and in case of loss or damage, a duplicate must be requested directly from MSR EXHAUST.

Why is there a substantial difference between the classic model and the promotional offer?
MSR EXHAUST has decided to promote (discharges out of stock, with signs) for a limited period by distributing them to various online sellers at a sale price while stocks last.

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