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The production of MSR EXHAUST is specialized for motorbikes, scooters and quads equipped with 4 stroke engines. The offered exhausts are of handcraft construction, installed with precision and preparation by our employees. We started our production in 1997, today we are selling approximately 6.000 pieces every year. This number represents our aim of production: we prefer to remain at this quote instead of increasing it, with the only aim to point on quality instead of quantity. In fact we addict increased attention and controlling in every phase of production of any component. Therefore our clients are always satisfied and our resellers are able to claim the sale of an exclusive product, reliable and enduring. Thanks to years of hard work and continous improvements we earned the confidence of our customers.

MSR EXHAUST are appreciated by the true enthusiasts who know the difference lying between us and other manufacturers; from our production, they are manufactured in titanium, carbon, stainless steel and carbon like look in round, oval or conical shape. There are available from single mufflers to complete exhaust systems, optimized for sporting use. The exhaust systems offered, even if the carburation remains almost unchanged, allow a slight power increase and a band of convenient and secure characteristics. There are available several versions of approved exhausts e9, with catalytic converter 9e5 and with double pull out db killers. The new db killer with blades that can be modified directly by the end user by making technological improvements through remapping and the possibility of modifying improvements to the low or high revs as well as to the more full-bodied sound based on the chosen configuration.

Over the years the MSR EXHAUST factory has been renewed by inserting in the catalog:
products for cars (front and rear bull bars made entirely of stainless steel as well as footrests and side protections), anti-theft systems and active security fog generators which are an integral part of a modern and effective alarm system applicable to private homes, shops, warehouses, etc. in order to protect both you and your goods, plastic and fabric items such as windshields, bandanas, key rings, motorcycle covers.
Lastly, in 2019 the MSR-GREEN project was born in order to offer its customers the possibility of moving around the city, thus developing micro-mobility through electric bikes.
Thanks to the double engine, these e-bikes can also tackle the most demanding slopes; they are equipped with larger and hydraulic brakes thus giving better performance than low quality ebikes.

Present for some time in the major trade fairs of the sector (including EICMA in Milan, MBE in Verona and INTERMOT in Cologne) where its products are known and appreciated, especially by true connoisseurs of two wheels. Young and dynamic company is projected towards the future, attentive and sensitive to every need of those who love to ride a motorcycle.

The MSR EXHAUST is located in the beautiful OltrePo Pavese area in the province of Pavia Italy. S.P 82 Int. 9 Km 2100, 27043 Broni. The company can only be visited by retailers, workshops and / or distributors as it is closed to the public by appointment.


Email Sales Manager:

E-mail Sales Consultant: alex.m@msr-exhaust.it

E-mail T
echnical: technical@msr-exhaust.it

Phone: +39 346 307 8469

Web: www.msr-exhaust.it

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