Homologation Exhausts

The MSR exhaust systems guarantee the homologation in whole of the actual European standards e3*97/24/5*2006/120*CE, released by the Italian ministry of transport and lately also the homologation e9 released by the Spanish ministry of transport. According to the models of bikes, scooters or quads, the MSR  exhaust systems include the homologations for acoustic and exhaust emissions according to EURO 3, 4, 5 and 5+.
Installing a homologated MSR silencer doesn't necessitate a presentation at the MOT for obtaining an inscription in the vehicles documents; every MSR exhaust is stamped with a code and delivered with a homologation booklet, where the technical characteristics of the bike are described for which the exhaust has been constructed, therefore it is fully legal according to the traffic legislation.
There are more than 1500 homologated models whose characteristic is given by the exhaust which, by extracting the db-killer, becomes a full racing version.

To prevent a falsification of the PDF the bike model and the address of the manufacturer have been removed. Remember that the homologation is valid throughout Europe (without any inscription in the vehicles documents), in other states an authorization of the authorities for technical inspection with an inscription to the vehicle documents is necessary enclosing our homologation document. The manufacturer can apply for a homologation of their exhausts in any country of the EC (at its own choice); because of the prohibitive costs in Italy we choose to apply in Spain, therefore the homologation documents are in Spanish, Italian and English, We ensure that our exhausts are according to specification and homologated respectively and catalyzed for legal street use.





The majority of our silencers uses double removable db-killers (one conic, which is inserted into the silencer from the front, another one, made as a cartridge, which is inserted from the rear and secured by an allen screw) to allow the customer, to adapt the own silencer to achieve the expected performance and sound. With db-killers you can drive in full security, as alle the phonometric tests prescribed by the manufacturers and those mandatory by legislation are met.
Removing the db-killers you get a silencer to race spec and in most cases you will notice a relevant increase in performance like torque and maximum power. Be aware that the use without db-killers is allowed only for race track use. Reinserting the db-killers brings the silencer to the homologated version and allows to use it again on public roads in total comply of the actual directives.

DB-KILLER CARTRIDGE REAR (exhaust gas exit)
Depending on the exhaust MSR it can be delivered flat or with a perforated extension (like on enduro monocylinders)

DB KILLER FRONT (exhaust gas entry)
Depending on the exhaust MSR it can be delivered with a lot of holes or with just some.

Db killer with blades that can be modified directly by the end user by making improvements in the technological field through remapping and the possibility of modifying improvements to the low or high revs as well as to the more full-bodied sound based on the chosen configuration.

The extraction of the catalytic converter is easily done, thanks to an applied ring.


Certified fog generators

European CE certification

Bull Bar
They are approved for use on public roads throughout Europe and the whole world without registration
Approved for road use without registration

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